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sloppy boys 4/12 motr pub
MOTRmouth Presents THE SLOPPY BOYS (Los Feliz, CA) w/ DEAR BLANCA
Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023
Time: 7:00PM doors (pay to stay), 8:00PM show, bar opens at 4P for HAPPY HOUR
Venue: MOTR Pub | 1345 Main St. Cincinnati, OH 45202
Admission: $17 advance, $20 day of show
Ages: 16+
Event page:
* $2 off any sandwich at MOTR on day of show with proof of purchase *


The Sloppy Boys are a Los Feliz, CA party rock band and cocktail podcast comprised of attempted comedians Mike Hanford, Jeff Dutton, and Tim Kalpakis from sketch comedy group The Birthday Boys.

Founded after a fit of jealousy when Michael "Mitch" "Spoonman" Mitchell became the breakout star of The Birthday Boys, The Sloppy Boys band has released 3 studio albums, including their newest titles Paradiso.

In 2020, after noticing how popular Spoonman's podcast The Doughboys had become, The Sloppy Boys followed suit with a derivative podcast based on the IBA official cocktail.

CHECK OUT this official video for "The Mastah Bong Rippah":

CHECK OUT this live video for "Here For Beer":


Dear Blanca began as the primary musical outlet for South Carolina’s Dylan Dickerson. The project evolved into a four-piece outfit that treads the fine line between 70’s power-pop and modern indie classics. A powerhouse rhythm section comprised of Cam Powell and Richie Harper provide a backbone of taut grooves that underly the emotionally diverse catalog of songs. The band’s most recent LP is titled Perched and features an appearance by Mike Watt of the legendary Minutemen/The Stooges. The band is currently touring in support of Perched and their critically celebrated live album Thank You So Much, We’re Dear Blanca: Live.
CHECK OUT this official video for "Overpass":

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