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fucked up


The new album One Day by Toronto hardcore band Fucked Up is a sublime orgy of opposites. They seem to find the perfect surface tension and harmony between disparate aesthetics. Brawn and brain tangle through 10 scorching tracks. The ferocious abandon of their hardcore thrash is buttressed by a meticulous scaffold of clever hooks, near-prog arrangements and artful production - much like a beyond-pissed T-Rex ravaging through a Roger Dean landscape. Damian Abraham's drill sergeant bark is held aloft by a swirl of Jonah Falco (drums), Sandy Miranda (bass) and Mike Haliechuk's (guitar) vocal harmonies. Very impressive guitar work Haliechuk and Josh Zucker. The perfect blend of clean, overdriven, and fuzz tones form a nice, buoyant wall of sound. Overall, the lyrics are definitely not befitting a classic hardcore band. Not much angst or political ire here. Big statements abound, but they are much more focused on personal responsibility, healing, zen, etc. Hopeful Hardcore?. This is the chocolate and peanut butter of albums.

Standout tracks: 1. Found, 2. I Think I Might Be Weird, 3. One Day (title track)

RIFYL - The Refused, Melvins, Cursed, Hüsker Dü, Quicksand, Pissed Jeans, Hot Water Music

CHECK OUT this video for "I Think I Might Be Weird":

See them LIVE at The Woodward Theater
w/ Dark Thoughts and Gnawing
Friday, May 5 | 16+