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MOTR shows are well-produced with high quality details that include a professionally maintained, top of the line P.A. and some of the city's best sound engineers.  

You won't find a better sounding room this size.

MOTR Pub Stage
House Tech Specs

MOTR P.A. includes:

  • FOH board: Behringer X32 Full Size with X-LIVE X32 expansion card
  • FOH speakers (flown): 2 EV TX1152
  • EV SBA 760 powered sub
  • FOH EV Q99 amp
  • Monitors: (3) EV 12" powered coaxial wedges -3 separate mixes available
  • Dbx 231 Graphic EQ (monitors 1 and 2)
  • Dbx 1231 Graphic EQ (FOH, stereo)
  • AFS2 Adv Feedback Suppression