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prescriptions motr 9/29

The Prescriptions, Nashville-based indie rock band known for their “vibey new wave and power pop” (Billboard), will be announcing their forthcoming record Time Apart this Tuesday 8/30. Produced by Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes) and Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs), the album is a warm, widescreen follow-up to their 2019 debut, Hollywood Gold, with its songs balanced halfway between classic craftsmanship and progressive exploration. It's a 21st century album rooted in everything that made the classic stuff so compelling — sharp songwriting, ringing refrains, percussive stomp, and guitars that chime one minute and churn the next. 


While making Time Apart (due out 11/18), lead singer / guitarist Hays Ragsdale filled his head with songs by Big Star, Elvis Costello, and other artists who, like him, used pop melody and rock & roll muscle as launchpads for a bigger, bolder sound. Unlike The Prescriptions 2019 debut, much of Time Apart finds Ragsdale in an introspective mood, turning his personal journey toward honesty into something universal. "My favorite songwriters don't just make up clever phrases," he says. "They're speaking some sort of truth, and I don't know if you can speak that truth unless you've become truthful with yourself. It's a process of accessing that honesty and communicating it to others. That's the goal of these songs." Flush with newly-written material, the band then headed into Brendan Benson's studio to record post-rock and power-pop anthems like lead single "April Blossoms," stacking vocal harmonies and bright bursts of electric guitar into songs that blended street-smart swagger with amplified shimmer.