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FACS 2/12

MOTR Pub Media had a chance to briefly chat with Brian Case, guitarist and vocalist of Chicago band FACS about their music and their upcoming appearance at MOTR Pub with locals Blood Chill.


Your new single, "When You Say," sounds great. You just released it this week. What can you tell us about the writing and recording of it and is it the first glimpse of a new full album?
Thanks for listening, it is the first single off our new album Still Life In Decay coming out in April. It came together pretty quickly, although some of the guitar parts had been around for a few years. It used to be two songs but neither one was working, so I chopped the guitar parts up and combined them, which ended up birthing this third thing that became the song. It was recorded in April of 2022 at Electrical Audio in Chicago where we do most of our recording.

Is the show at MOTR going to focus on new material?
Yes, we'll be playing most of our new album and some stuff that's not recorded yet. But we're doing at least a song of two from all the albums. 

MOTR Media had a chance to briefly chat with Brian Case from the Chicago band FACS about their music and their upcoming appearance at MOTR Pub on Sunday, February 12 w/ locals Blood Chill.

FACS played MOTR Pub in 2018. Any recollections of that gig? How did it sound on the stage? Did you eat a MOTR Burger? Any recollections of
I think I do remember there being a bachelorette party that night? I don't remember too many specifics about that stage sound, I think I had a burger? I remember there was a great record store up the street, I like that little row of shops - seems like a nice neighborhood and a city where there's a lot of potential to do your own thing. 

Have you played MOTR Pub or elsewhere in Cincinnati as a member of any bands other than FACS?
We all used to be in a band called Disappears that played at MOTR, and I played across the river at the South Gate House a few times with Ponys.

What was FACS doing during the early stages of the pandemic? Did things get badly derailed for the band by the pandemic?
We released an album at the end of March 2020 and had an EU / UK tour set up, along with more dates, so we obviously had to cancel those. Once it was safe we just got back to work, we wrote and recorded our last album Present Tense during that time, so we made the best of it.

Why is the Super Bowl a good night to play a rock show?
I didn't realize this was Super Bowl Sunday! Football is boring and we are not, so I guess that's that.

Event: FACS w/ Blood Chill at MOTR Pub
When: Sunday, February 12 at 8:30PM
Ages: 21+
Cost: FREE

File under: post-punk, art-punk, post-rock


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