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king kong
MOTR Pub Presents:
Event: KING KONG (Drag City) w/ SPOILS
Date: Sunday, May 14
10a-2p Brunch
10a-7:30p free admission 7:30p doors, 8:30p show
Venue: MOTR Pub | 1345 Main St. Cincinnati, OH 45202
Admission: $10
Ages: 18+
* $2 off any sandwich at MOTR on day of show with proof of purchase *
King Kong is an American indie rock music project fronted by musician Ethan Buckler. Buckler left his previous band, Slint, in 1989 to start a new musical project. King Kong's first release, Movie Star, featured the other three members of Slint, David Pajo, Britt Walford, and Brian McMahan. King Kong would go on to feature an ever-changing lineup of performers including John McEntire, David Grubbs, and Peter Townsend.
The song "Movie Star" was used in the end credits of the 2014 Slint documentary, Breadcrumb Trail.
In 2018, King Kong released three singles: “60s Apartment Building Balcony”, “Pawnshopolis”, and “Pigeon Man”. Each one was accompanied with a music video.
On March 8, 2021, Jimmy Fallon included “Old Man On The Bridge” in his "Do Not Play" segment on The Tonight Show.
CHECK OUT this official video for “60s Apartment Building Balcony”:
CHECK OUT this offical video for “Pawnshopolis”:
Spoils is Nina Payiatis, Samantha Smyjunas, Elise Ogden and Leo Martini. Ohio style music that was born in an apartment.
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