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faun fables 7/3 motr
| 8:00PM


faun fables 7/3 motr
FAUN FABLES blends the best part of progressive rock, folk music and experimental theater with an undeniable mastery. That curious blend, along with the impeccable balance DAWN McCARTHY and NILS FRYKDAHL strike between the comforting and disquieting may account for the group’s staying power. . it will both haunt and excite you, and if you’re seeking something out of the ordinary, something that doesn’t just transcend music boundaries but smashes them, then this is for you. ~SPECTRUM  CULTURE
FAUN FABLES have been travelling the music club, grass roots and festival circuits in North America and Europe since 1998, releasing to date eight records on DRAG CITY.  Dawn McCarthy's writing and voice, which THE NEW YORKER described as “one of the more compelling instruments in contemporary music," can open hearts and minds with a whisper to a rallying battle cry into her mythical world, animated by the adventurous musicality of her partner Nils Frykdahl (Free Salamander Exhibit, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) with electric guitars, bass, flutes, and a rich, weathered voice.  They return to the road this Summer 2022 with a live show embellished by their daughters joining them on vocals, percussion and dance.