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richard ringer
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richard ringer

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Richard Ringer first found his passion for singing and recording as a child in the 90s making his own A cappella cassettes with a Talkboy.

In 2009 he moved to New York City and began playing live shows establishing himself in the Lower East Side Antifolk scene, eventually releasing his first full length record “Creepster Freakster”. Songs on the album could be soft yet biting, tongue in-cheek yet demented, all recorded on an 8-track recorder that gave the project an intimate lo-fi feel.

By 2013 Richard brought his audacious strangeness to the weirdo theatrical rock band “Injecting Strangers”, with their album “Patience, Child” being released the following year.

Moving to Los Angeles in 2017 Richard met producer and close collaborator Gareth Schumacher. Together they recorded Richard’s next album “Crown of Worms”, set to release on vinyl May 27th 2023.

Richard Ringer
The Whip (Single)
Release date: March 23, 2023
The Panharmonicon Record Label

Over the last few years
Back and forth: meth and Jesus
I’m getting saved and laughing in his face
Crawling my way back out of disgrace

The third single from Richard Ringer’s upcoming LP Crown of Worms hits you with its theme right off the bat, over a pulse of dark electronics and bad-trip psychedelic guitars. Really, aren’t we all caught in a tug of war between chemical debasement and religious redemption? It’s just a matter of who’s winning at the moment.

In The Whip, Ringer sings us a song of self-destruction and the “rewards of recovery” that accrue in the aftermath; gives us an imagined reality where the singer lives out the vicarious dreams of his parents; and finally sets us back down on the ground where we belong. It’s an oddly self-affirming portrait of someone who has been abandoned by God, yet still seeks out the divine. And if you haven’t thought about spiritual ambivalence in terms of sadomasochism before, maybe you will now.

Crown of Worms will be released on LP and digital on May 27, 2023.

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