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quiet hollers
| 8:00PM


Founded by singer-songwriter Shadwick Wilde, the shape-shifting Kentucky group Quiet Hollers' distinct brand of indie rock connects with listeners around mental health, grief, and addiction, channeling a wide range of influences. 
Quiet Hollers fourth LP, Forever Chemicals, was released in January 2022.

"Shadwick Wilde's band [Quiet Hollers] is restless, endlessly questing in pursuit of truth and building sound."


mol sullivan
Cincinnati native Mol Sullivan will be performing a rare and special solo set this evening.
Profound, cerebral, heartfelt, and cheeky- her lyrics are delivered via delicate pop melodies, suspending the listener between the ethereal and concrete. Her live performances indulge in humor, humility, and emotional revelation. Sullivan has spent the last few years sober and has used this time as a poignant backdrop for reflecting over a chequered past and having been the forlorn villain of her own story. Listen and be delighted, moved, and charmed.


lacey guthrie

Lacey Guthrie’s powerful voice first grabbed listeners as the vocal engine of dream pop heavies Twin Limb. Late 2021 saw her culmination as a true solo artist, with the release of The King of Holding Onto Things, written and performed entirely by Guthrie.

"For anyone who has tracked the career of Lacey Guthrie, the release of The King of Holding Onto Things should come as no surprise, both in the quality of the music and her enduring creativity."