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| 8:30PM | 21+

Contrary to what “they” might tell you, the Tinfoil Hat Cowboys are a band of passionate pickers and truth-seeking troubadours dedicated to exposing the vast “Country & Western Conspiracy” of our time by reviving venerable classics, dusting off hidden gems, and circulating newly minted currency, backed by the only true gold standard…the power of a great song.

Tinfoil Hat Cowboys aim to shine a light on the likes of Merle, Waylon, Willie, Hank, George, Ray, Johnny, and Kris and scores of other legends that “they” don’t want you to hear. The truth is in there and it’s deeper than you could ever imagine. You’ll know it when you hear it. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
Nick Fryer (steel), Brad Myers (guitar, vocals), Bill Littleford (guitar, vocals), Michael Mavridoglou (bass, vocals), and Nicholas Mavridoglou (drums) are all on a list now…come find out why before it’s too late."

Tinfoil Hat Cowboys