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| 10:00PM
ULTRABANN was spawned by the ghosts of Jellico Mountain and the rock and roll underground in two river cities of Cincinnati and Chattanooga. 
During the pandemic Justin Savage (Ghetto Blasters) began sending greasy guitar riffs to Jerri Queen (Vacation) who would track bass and drums, then send back down south. This then turned into Ash Krey (Future Virgins) getting involved with vocals, lyrics and more riffage. All recorded in isolation by any means necessary. 
Eventually Savage made the trek up to the Queen City for a live tracking session with Queen, along with drummer/bassist Andy Jody (Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, Cincinnati Suds). 
Big Trouble in Little Haiti was born. 
The album plays like a drive down I-75. 
For fans of the electric guitars, b-movies, leather and cheap livin. With the lyrical content of saying the words “rock and roll” on 7 out of 15 tracks, you get the idea. 
This is the story of a sound. As B a new dawn breaks, an old heart aches. Rhythm oil is found. This is the story of a sound.