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valley maker 7/31 motr
| 8:30PM


valley maker 7/31 motr

We have all become experts in the imbalance of uncertainty these days, newly accustomed to canceling plans and tentatively rescheduling them for some future we can only imagine. For Austin Crane — the ruminative songwriter, riveting guitarist, and singular voice performing and collaborating as Valley Maker — such a sense of uncertainty has emerged as his steadfast companion these last few years, a period of profound transition. This flux is the anchor for Crane’s fourth and best album as Valley Maker, the gorgeous and felicitous When the Day Leaves . Early in 2019, Crane and his wife, Megan, decided it was time to leave Seattle. South Carolina natives, they’d been in Seattle for nearly a decade while he p ursued a doctorate in human geography at the University of Washington, and she worked as a midwife.


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