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toon town 3/15 motr residency
| 9:30PM


Toon Town is the brainchild of full-time farmer Alex Otto. One might expect the novelty to end here, but his band Toon Town brings it in on a pallet with a fork lift! His self-proclaimed rock n' roll "Crime-Jazz" three-piece from Cincinnati borrows indulgently from Hot-Jazz, Garage-Rock, Swing, and Psych-Punk, delivering a high velocity death blow to conventional perceptions. With exceptional help from rhythm section Allen Whitt (bass) and Adam Stone (drums), Farmer Alex transports listeners into some kind of depression-era back alley noir: a fictional reality which only a band called TOON TOWN can provide. Allow them to peel away the veil and rock you to your core foundation. Allow them to take you to TOON TOWN.